Augmented Reality Sandbox Copyright: CGRE

In our VR/AR laboratory we develop devices and methods for applying digital technologies to geoscientific problems.



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Current projects in our laboratory:

  • Geological modelling in virtual reality (VR): In this project we use VR systems to create geological models in a virtual environment. For this purpose we couple the visualization software Unity with the modeling software GemPy, which is developed at this institute.
  • Geological Sandbox: This Augmented Reality (AR) system consists of an open sandbox, which is illuminated from above by a beamer. The topography of the sand in the box is captured by a Kinect and transferred as topography data to the modeling software GemPy. A three-dimensional geological model already created is cut with the determined sand topography and the resulting "geological map" is projected back onto the sand surface with the beamer. In addition to the sand, which the user can easily form, parameters of the geological model can also be modified to change the resulting geological map.

A video of the sandbox can be seen on our YouTube channel.

AR Sandbox
Presentation of AR-Sandbox (German)