pynoddy - kinematic geological modelling

  Pynoddy-logic Copyright: © Wellmann

What is pynoddy

pynoddy is a python package to write, change, and analyse kinematic geological modelling simulations. It provides methods to define, load, modify, and safe kinematic models for simulation with Noddy. In addition, the package contains an extensive range for postprocessing of results. One main aspect of pynoddy is that it enables the encapsulation of full scientific kinematic modelling experiments for full reproducibility of results.

What is Noddy?

Noddy itself is a kinematic modelling program written by Mark Jessell [1][2] to simulate the effect of subsequent geological events (folding, unconformities, faulting, etc.) on a primary sedimentary pile. A typical example would be:

  1. Create a sedimentary pile with defined thicknesses for multiple formations
  2. Add a folding event (for example simple sinoidal folding, but complex methods are possible!)
  3. Add an unconformity and, above it, a new stratigraphy
  4. Finally, add a sequence of late faults affecting the entire system.

The github repository can be found in the following link,